Add health to natural beauty
Life Plus, Bio Plus!

BioPlus presents a new paradigm for the bio-industry based on its unique technology and expertise in bio-material applications.

Also, we are constantly challenging to improve the quality of human life and a healthy future.
MDM® technology completed by BioPlus through research and development is growing rapidly in recognition of its technology in overseas markets,
including manufacturing of various bio products such as anti-adhesion agent, Biomaterial breast implants, and artificial cartilage as well as filler.

We perform various missions
for a healthy and beautiful society.

We are a customer-centered company that pursues sharing and human management of customer satisfaction.

We continue our efforts
to create new values for tomorrow.

Vision 2025!!

Bioplus will achieve the dream of becoming the first-class global “BMC.”
Continuing to take another step with constant innovation and passion!
■ BMC : “Bio-Beauty, Medical, Cosmetic” Complex Company