Manufacturing method of gel sheet using hyaluronic acid

Development Method developed exclusively (patent No. 10-1615668)
Technical Advantages Bio-conformity is high based on biomolecules and there are no side effects such as inflammation
Technical Application Solid anti-adhesion agents such as periodontal membrane, arthritis treatment, ophthalmic surgery aids, etc. can be applied

Fine beads under the theme of polymer polysaccharides and their manufacturing methods

Development method developed exclusively (patent No. 10-0548965)
Technical Advantages ▪ Biocompatibility and biological stability are high using biocompatible molecules
▪ It is manufactured in MICROBEAD (fine beads) form, so it is easy to remove bridges or solvents, so it is highly stable.
Technical Application Applicable to wrinkle removal, volume increase, whitening, anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial, and arthritis pain relief

Manufacturing method of bridge concentration solution using polysaccharide

Development Method developed exclusively (patent No. 10-2053913)
Technical Advantages HA acts as a physical barrier separating tissues around the surgery area to prevent adhesion of the surgical site.
Technical application ▪ Applicable to reduce adhesion of tissues around abdominal or minimally invasive surgery
▪ Applicable to Animal medical devices

Crosslinked hyaluronic acid gel and its manufacturing method

Development Method developed exclusively (Patent : 10-2162724)
Technical Advantages Possible for manufacturing HA-based biomaterials that can be molded.
Technical application Applicable to biomaterials for tissue restoration that can be used for various purposes