Bioplus Co., Ltd., to hold 3rd seminar with Russia MEDEX company

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Bioplus Co., Ltd., to hold 3rd seminar with Russia MEDEX company

Bioplus held the 3rd seminar of SkinPlus-Hyal and ODM brand VIVIFY filler on March 17, 2019 with MEDEX, the official Russian distributor of SkinPlus-Hyal.

MEDEX is one of Russia’s largest cosmetics and medical device companies among the Russian peptide and filler distributors, and held two bioplus filler launching events and seminars in Moscow, and the third in Krasnoyarsk, a city in central Russia, to promote bioplus filler throughout Russia.

More than 70 doctors attended the seminar, confirming the potential of Bioplus products, which are also attracting much attention in central Siberia, Russia.

Bioplus VIVIFY, sold as ODM products from its own brand SkinPlus-Hyal and MEDEX, is one of the few Korean fillers that can be normally distributed and sold in Russia, one of the most difficult markets to get permission.

The hands-on seminar on how to use our products was hosted by Lee Soo-sang, director of Sky Plastic Surgery, and a CIS overseas sales representative explained to local doctors the safety and excellence of bioplus filler, which is differentiated from other companies products, through presentations and product question-and-answer sessions.

Bioplus filler, which is gaining popularity throughout Russia with recognition of its excellent product quality, will soon hold a seminar in Vladivostok, Russia’s Far East region.

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