Bioplus completed Sungnam 2nd Plant…Declaring “Bioplus Season Ⅱ”

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Bioplus completed Sungnam 2nd Plant…Declaring “Bioplus Season Ⅱ”

Chung Hyun-kyu, CEO of the Bioplus “Let’s make history together for a further, higher leap,”
[Econo news= Choi Ah-Ram Reporter] Bioplus has announced its second start-up.
Bioplus held a ceremony to mark the completion of its second plant in Sungnam, Gyeonggi Province, last 18th.

▲ Chung Hyun-kyu, CEO of Bioplus, is giving a commemorative speech at the completion ceremony of Sungnam 2nd Plant.

CEO Chung Hyun-kyu said “We have completed the expansion of the second plant in Sungnam to enhance the speed, efficiency, and integration of management through the integration and expansion of factories and research institutes in Daejeon, and to proactively expand production capacity and strengthen research and development functions such as new products,” adding, “By this opportunity, we will actively open the second bioplus era for further and higher leap forward.”

Bioplus, which was established in 2013, has been developing filler products steadily. It is a so-called “strong company” that has developed fillers and anti-adhesive agent as a company that pursues human management of customer satisfaction with the aim of “upgrading the beautifulness of the world.” and has strategically expanded supply volume targeting overseas markets.

▲ Bioplus officials, including CEO Chung Hyun-kyu, are cutting tapes at a ceremony to mark the completion of its second plant in Sungnam on 18th.

Bioplus explained that it has completed construction of Sungnam’s second plant because it is difficult to handle the expansion of supply due to increased demand with the size of its existing first plant and research center in Daejeon.

“We expanded our second plant in order to preemptively expand our production base for new products as well as the need to increase supply capacity due to external growth,” said a representative for Bioplus.

Accordingly, a 3,000-square-meter second plant and research space have been set up in Sungnam Urim Lions Valley 2cha.

Bioplus has been speeding up its efforts to explore overseas markets by releasing new products such as Interblock and Synopil, a joint tissue recovery agent, after receiving approval for anti-adhesive agent.

It also obtained permission to manufacture medical devices for animals and entered the pet market with domestic and export permits for animal filler and anti-adhesive agents. The pet market is expected to grow steadily around the world.

Meanwhile, Bioplus was the first in the domestic filler industry to obtain the medical device single audit program (MDSAP) certification through the BSI (British Association of Standards and Technology) which made it possible to obtain permission at once.

As a result, Bioplus can significantly reduce the time and cost of quality certification procedures not to mention five advanced countries such as the U.S. and the U.K’s certification procedures.

▲ Chung Hyun-kyu, CEO of Bioplus, is giving a commemorative speech at the completion ceremony of Sungnam 2nd Plant.

In addition, Bioplus participates in more than 10 major exhibitions, seminars, and consultations around the world, including Europe, Latin America, Russia, China, and Southeast Asia, including “Europe AMWC,” “America’s MiamiExpo,” “Malaysia Cosmo Beauty” and “Mexico EXPOMED2019.”

It is also participating in the Jakarta Exhibition in Indonesia and the CMEF Fair in Qingdao, China, and is scheduled to participate in the InterCHARM exhibition in Moscow, Russia. It emphasizes that it is essential to find opportunities to participate in various markets to identify global market trends and enter markets.

Ever since its inception, Bioplus has been running around the world, judging that it cannot guarantee the company’s continued growth and future in the limited domestic market since it started producing its first item called Skinplus-Hyal.

It exports self-developed products to more than 50 countries including China, Asia, Europe, the Americas, South America and Africa.

With the completion of Sungnam second plant, Bioplus announced its plan to develop a new horizon in the medical device business led by Inner Beauty and Anti-aging by researching the best products with biocompatible safety and sustainability.

“The completion of the second plant, as well as the effort of research and development and also market development has been possible only through the blood and sweat of executives and employees without any external help,” said CEO Chung Hyun-kyu. “We can make a brilliant history of bioplus with the will to start a second business and take a leap forward together. Bioplus is owned by all of its employees.”

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