[Press release] BioPlus’s operating profit in 2021 is 18.3 billion won. “The best performance since its foundation”

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Published date: February 16th, 2022

[Reporter Jang Hyowon of Asia Economic Daily]

BioPlus (CEO Jung Hyun-kyu) achieved both external growth and profitability by achieving record-high performance.

BioPlus announced on the 16th that it achieved 37.4 billion won in sales and 18.3 billion won in operating profit based on consolidated financial statements in 2021 through a “disclosure of changes in sales or profit and loss structure by more than 30 percent.” This is an increase of 54% in sales and 49% in operating profit compared to the previous year, respectively, and continues to grow firmly in 2021.

A company official said it maximized the safety and quality of its products (viscosity, persistence, molding, biocompatibility, biodegradability, etc.) by applying its own biological material application platform patented technology, and explained that “MDM Tech” is in full swing.

“We are strengthening our growth momentum by continuing high growth in bio-material application products, which are our main business areas, clinical progress of bio-breast, bio- cartilage replacements, Hainan project in China, improved toxin/obesity diabetes treatment, and antiviral treatment.”

“By achieving the highest-ever performance last year, we have served as an opportunity to further solidify our belief in the growth potential of BioPlus, and we will do our best to enhance corporate value,” he said.

Reporter Jang Hyowon,


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