Symbolic color

Dark green

It symbolizes the bio-industry and embodies the firm determination of us toward the bio-industry.


Symbol mark

BIO English Shape

It means the identity of a company that runs a business based on life science.

BIO 1000 Shape

It pursues the new trend of millennium-era as a symbol of millennial company.


It means Bioplus’ exploration spirit and resource concentration by embodying glasses and eye focus.

+ Shape

It embodies doubling effort, doubling performance, and synergy effect.

The embodiment of the origin of life

It embodies the structure of carbon compounds, which are the basic materials of DNA, genetic materials, and various living things, to represent the identity of Bioplus’ BIO business and means the integration, unity, and harmony of resources in the fence.

Restriction of use

The color cannot be changed, and the size can be changed, but the ratio should be fixed in principle.
*Please contact us for the logo file.

longitudinal CI
Horizontal CI