Engaging in Unexplored Markets by participating in Ukraine’s ESTET BEAUTY EXPO

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Engaging in Unexplored Markets by participating in Ukraine's ESTET BEAUTY EXPO

Bioplus Co., Ltd. participated in the ESTET BEAUTY EXPO in Kiev, Ukraine, from April 11 to 24, 2019.

Ukraine, a newly emerging market, is growing at more than 100 percent every year in the plastic surgery and beauty market, and is even more anticipated because Korean companies have not yet entered the market.

During the exhibition, more than 300 buyers and doctors visited our booth, tested the bioplus filler, and showed active interest.

Not only did we find new agencies through the exhibition, but we also promoted our products. and this exhibition served as a bridge for exploring the Ukrainian market.

We will continue to make efforts to develop overseas markets. Please give us a lot of attention and show us support.


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