New advanced concept filler ‘Hyal Dew’ which uses fine-grained technique is launched

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New advanced concept filler ‘Hyal Dew’ which uses fine-grained technique is launched

– Unnatural plastic surgery is over.
– The point of natural plastic surgery is to become beautiful naturally and safely.

As you get older, nasolabial fold, drooping cheek, and fine wrinkle all over your face make you feel irritated. Because various procedures are emerging that can quickly improve aging phenomena that naturally occur as you get older, and busy office workers can easily receive them, Botox and filler are gaining popularity.

Unlike in the past, procedures that can bring the most natural looking and pretty effect rather than dramatic effects are popular. Hyal Dew has recently come into the spotlight as a product that maintains natural volume with new technology.

Kim Young-hwan, director of Lian Plastic Surgery, said, “The hyal Dew filler made with micro-bead technique is highly preferred for those who want natural plastic surgery because molding is made very naturally.” In addition, Director Kim Young-hwan said, “Another important thing along with the natural procedure is how long the volume is maintained and how safe it is, and Hyal Dew is a product that maximizes the retention period with its fine-tuning technique technology, and its retention is also very good.”

Rather than regretting with an unnatural procedure and a short period of maintenance, it is important to carefully check the molding power and maintenance period.

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