[NEWS] BioPlus Secures Innovative Technology for Next-Generation Botox Development!

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BioPlus Co., Ltd. (CEO Jung Hyun-kyu) announced on the 20th that it has signed a technology cooperation contract with Ubiprotin Co., Ltd. (CEO Park Kwon-hee) to secure technology needed to develop next-generation Botox.
Ubiprotin Co., Ltd. is a bio-promising company with 23 patents and source technologies through development of biobetter, development of various disease diagnostic kits, and research on Ubiquitin. This technology is known as an innovative technology that increases the half-life of proteins.

Bioplus has secured legal and legitimately licensed Botox strains that are completely free from controversy over the source of strains through “Investment and Joint Development Agreement” with OraBio on May 12, and plans to develop next-generation Botox by securing AUT (TM) (anti-Ubiquitation Technology) technology that increases half-life without changing structure and function of proteins. Next-generation Botox is a new concept of Botox that can significantly reduce antibody production and increase drug conformity, which is a disadvantage of existing Botox products, and is planning to secure competitiveness in the Botox market by clearly differentiating from existing Botox products. “Through this technology cooperation, we will prove the performance of toxin for beauty and treatment and use the existing filler product distribution network to target global markets in earnest,” said a representative for BioPlus.


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