“The Value of Walking Together”
To Get The, Together”

Bioplus accompanies customers for the value of health and beauty.
Bioplus will increase its corporate value with its members and share the value with them.
Bioplus is growing rapidly based on MDM Technology as well as its application technology of hyaluronic acid and by 2025,
we promise we will become the best global company in the field of biomaterials.
Corporate name
Bioplus Co., Ltd.
date of establishment
May 23, 2003
Jung Hyun Kyu
capital amount
3,119,750,000 won
Business license number
Major business sector
Dermal Filler, Medical Device, Cosmetic

Sales (Unit: MILLION USD)

Operating profit (rate) Operating profit (rate)

(*K-IFRS connection standard)

rapid growth

Industry’s highest rate of return