Participation in the 19 MEDICA (Dusseldorf Medical Device Exhibition)

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Participation in the 19 MEDICA (Dusseldorf Medical Device Exhibition)

Bioplus is participating in the Medical Device Exhibition(MEDICA) in Dusseldorf, Germany, for four days from November 18 (Mon) to 21 (Thursday), 2019.

The MEDICA exhibition is a world-class medical device exhibition featuring not only traditional medical devices but also new IT convergence medical devices entering the market newly. The exhibition is 129,000 square meters, with 5,273 companies from 66 countries and 123,500 visitors from 155 countries participating according to the 2018 statistics.

By participating this exhibition, Bioplus tries to use this chance as an oppourtunity to discover new companies, develop relationships with existing customers, and identify trends in the latest medical devices as a company with the world’s first recognized technology and products. we kindly ask you to pay attention to Bioplus’ future business walking.


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