[Press release] BioPlus Co-develops Next Generation Botulinum Toxin with ProCell Therapeutics

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Published date: March 28th, 2022

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BioPlus announced on the 28th that it has signed a “jo

int development agreement for next-generation botulinum toxin and oral diabetes and obesity treatments” with ProCell Therapeutics, a company specializing in developing recombinant proteins and drug carriers.

Through this agreement, the two companies aim to develop next-generation light-chain botulinum toxin that combines protein recombination and effective drug delivery (MTD) technology. To this end, it plans to cooperate in all processes from the development of next-generation botulinum toxin raw materials and formulations to non-clinical, clinical, licensing, distribution and sales.

ProCell Therapeutics is in charge of developing key medicinal substances such as light chain botulinum toxin and drug carriers, while BioPlus is in charge of formulation development and material production, clinical, licensing, and sales.

Through joint development, BioPlus will be able to further enhance its ability to develop next-generation botulinum toxin, which improves resistance, convenience, and thermal stability compared to botulinum toxin, which has been previously studied.

Its strategy is to maximize synergy by combining ProCell Therapeutics genetic recombination research know-how and protein engineering capabilities with its accumulated formulation development, mass production technology, and sales power.

It will also jointly develop treatments for diabetes and obesity. It will combine biobetter materials that have increased the half-life of Lilaglutide (Saxenda raw materials), a GLP-1 derivative jointly developed by BioPlus and its subsidiary Ubiprotein, with the drug carrier of ProCell Therapeutics. Through this, the goal is to develop a new oral formulation that increases the convenience of administration compared to the existing one-day therapy injections on the market. It is expected that the demand in the market can be changed through new treatments that increase user convenience, safety, and effectiveness.

ProCell Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that develops peptide and recombinant protein preparations based on peptide drug carriers based on gene recombination and protein engineering technology. Proteins that improve the cell penetration and percutaneous transmission rate of drugs through MITT and gene recombination have been developed and applied to various drugs.

“We will be able to create hig

h synergy through joint research between the two companies, which each have useful materials and their carrier technologies,” said Jung Hyun-kyu, chairman of BioPlus. It is expected that effective treatments that can be applied to various diseases such as oral diabetes and obesity treatments using safe next-generation botulinum toxin, convenience, and improved stability that can be widely used in the skin beauty field, he said.

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