[Press release] Bioplus has secured the management rights of “Ubiprotein” to develop next-generation protein drugs

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Published date: October 22, 2021

BioPlus (CEO Jeong Hyun-kyu), a bio-material medical device and bio-product company, announced on the 21st that it has decided to take over UbiProtein’s management rights by participating in a paid-in capital increase allocated to third parties for 2.625 billion won.

Through this, it announced that it has laid the foundation for speeding up the development of “improved botolinum toxin,” “next-generation diet and diabetes treatment GLP-1,” and “wide range virus treatment,” which are the next-generation products that BioPlus is pushing for.

UbiProtein was founded in October 2010 and is a technology-based platform company that patents 22 types of biobetter protein drugs, including six major protein drugs such as insulin, growth hormones, and G-CSF with an enhanced half-life, starting with patent applications for “protein half-life enhancement techniques.”

Based on the Ubiquitination system developed by UbiProtein, the platform source technology that enhances the half-life of protein drugs in the body can be applied directly to existing biosimilars and protein drugs to increase the half-life and minimize the protein structure.

In addition, this technology is competitive in production costs and can utilize existing protein drug production platforms as it is because of its simple production process compared to the high cost and solubility changes of other fusion protein strategies, long-term toxicity, complex production processes, and low yields.

Based on AUT technology, BioPlus plans to introduce a next-generation improved obesity treatment with increased efficacy and sustainability to improve the half-life and stability of liraglutide, a GLP-1 agonist, and develop biological connections and binding proteins. As a result, it is expected that existing products that need to be injected every day will be improved to continuous and western drugs that are administered once every one to two weeks to improve not only convenience of patient administration but also efficacy and side effects.

“We will create high synergy by combining UbiProtein’s original technology excellence, R&D capabilities, and BioPlus’s bio-business competitiveness”, “We will maximize product marketability and lead the market with improved botolinum toxin and extensive virus treatments”, a company official said.

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