[Press release] Bioplus launches HA filler product ‘MDM filler’ in the first half of the year

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[Press release] Bioplus launches HA filler product 'MDM filler' in the first half of the year

Bioplus launches HA filler product ‘MDM filler’ in the first half of the year
reporter Yang Young-koo
Improves post-treatment moulding capacity and lack of persistence…Plans to secure additional global production bases

[medical observer Yang Young-Koo reporter] Bioplus announced on the 2nd that it will release its hyaluronic filler product “MDM filler” in the domestic market in the first half of this year.
It is planning to enter South Korea’s filler market in full swing from this year after preparing to enter South Korea’s domestic market, which has remained at a limited level of supply so far.
Bioplus’ MDM filler has applied advanced high-end technology that has been patented in the first half, such as bridging, material formation and refining process, which are key manufacturing processes for hyaluronic acid filler.

Accordingly, the company has been able to make up for its shortcomings in the viscosity, safety and persistence of raw materials for hyaluronic acid and to differentiate them.
Despite many advantages, filler, which is mainly composed of hyaluronic acid, had disadvantages such as side effects and lack of ability to mould after treatment and poor persistence.
MDM filler has implemented a variety of technologies that fundamentally improve the causes of these problems and maximize their original strengths.
Bioplus emphasized that it will compete in markets based on technology that can be compared to global powerhouses.
This is because requests for technology exports or joint production are flooding as they have already confirmed the superiority of products overseas and continued to increase the sales steadily.
In fact, global companies’ hyaluronic filler product line has consistently maintained a high price amid fierce price competition.
Galderma’s restylane and Allergan’s Juvederm combine their own differentiated technologies to maintain their dominance.

In particular, Bioplus is planning to secure major regions such as Europe, China, and Asia as global production bases.
“MDM filler will present a world’s new standard beyond the level of imitation of global manufacturer’s hyaluronic acid filler products,” Bioplus stressed.

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