[Press release] “Bioplus leads post Covid-19 era with MDM filler”

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“Bioplus leads post Covid-19 era with MDM filler"
Marking the first anniversary of the season 2 declaration, it accelerates entry into China, India and other global markets.

CMN | Reporter Shim Jae-young
2020-10-20 afternoon 9:35:51

Bioplus’ filler Skin Plus-Hyal, Hyal Dew. [Photo provided by Bioplus]

[CMN] BioPlus (CEO Chung Hyun-kyu), which has been speeding up its leap by declaring the era of “Bio Plus Season 2” in October last year, is attracting attention as a leading company in post- Covid with diverse and innovative business strategies such as beauty aesthetic products and securing a global foothold in addition to premium MDM filler.

Founded in 2003, Bioplus is focusing on developing bio-products with the goal of “beauty upward standardization,” and is working on developing filler products that are at a different level from existing products. It integrated and expanded its Daejeon plant, research institute and headquarters a year ago, and established its second plant in Sungnam.

“In the meantime, Bioplus has been sequentially formulating its mid- to long-term comprehensive plans through leap forward, including GMP and CE certification at its new Sungnam plant, development of new products and securing overseas forward bases, expansion of existing export lines and exploration of new markets,” said an official at Bioplus.

Bioplus said that it has completed its filler technology with ‘MDM filler’. By applying differentiated manufacturing technology to existing hyaluronic filler products, it is a pure domestic technology of Bioplus that has been recognized as a new technology standard in global markets. By applying so-called ‘advanced high-end’ technology to hyaluronic acid filler, it succeeded in upgrading its product called ‘MDM filler’.

With such technology, Bioplus is speeding up its entry into the global market.

In April, the company founded Bioplus Hainan Co., a joint venture aimed at producing filler and providing premium medical health services, within the Bose Demonstration Zone in Haenam, China. In addition, the company has applied for a site sale to build a luxury biostatic platform in the Gangdong New District of Haikou City, which is equivalent to the new city development plan of Haikou City.

Bioplus plans to produce its own filler here, sell it to mainland China, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asian markets, and to have a well-being-health medical hospital franchise with a strategic partnership with hospitals located in the Boaoleocheng Medical Tourism Zone in Haenam, China.

Bioplus also said it has obtained local authorization for the “Dermal Filler” in India, which has the potential of the world’s top 10 beauty surgery and procedures market. Bioplus established its local branches in Dubai and New Delhi from 2018 and completed registration in April.

“We are confident that Bioplus’ entry into the Middle East market, which is based in China, India and Dubai with unlimited market potential, will be ‘New normal’,” said an official at Bioplus.


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