[Press release] Bioplus, recognized for its ‘MDM filler’ technology in overseas market

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[Press release] Bioplus, recognized for its 'MDM filler' technology in overseas market

The domestic filler industry has contributed greatly to exports as it has been regarded as a relatively high-quality high-end product not only in the domestic market but also in overseas markets including China.

However, concerns are growing that the market will become a “red ocean market” as it has been easier for companies to enter the market, and competition has become fiercer among large manufacturers, neglecting to develop technology and lowering their prices voluntarily.

In case of HA filler, which has been leading the filler market, it is true that domestic makers have neglected to develop technology amid fierce price competition. In addition, there were many concerns over the disruption of the filler market and mounting recession, as the latter’s attempts to follow the already well-known filler manufacturing technology rather than compete with new technologies.

Under these circumstances, Bioplus is drawing attention for completing its original HA filler called MDM filler, which applies three innovative high-end technologies to the use of raw materials for hyaluronic acid.

While hyaluronic acid (HA) filler with the biggest advantage of bio-compatibility and support for space in the body has been fiercely competing in the market, filler with alternative raw materials (mainly chemical filler with polymer) developed in developed countries has been positioned as high-priced filler and permanent procedure filler. However, experts say that it is not enough to compete against filler made of hyaluronic acid in terms of safety and dramatic effects.

“This product has recently been recognized first in overseas markets,” said Jung Hyun-kyu, CEO of Bioplus. “Bioplus is also drawing attention overseas as a ‘filler’ company that receives a reasonable price.”

“Bioplus’ MDM filler (MBMT + DMCT + MDAP) is evaluated to have innovatively improved the phenomenon of the recovery area, which has been pointed out to be extinguished earlier than expected, the side effects that occur unknowingly, and the lack of molding that can be felt when creating the shape after injection,” CEO Chung said.

Bioplus is a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler specialist, and this filler is specifically named MDM filler.

Company said that unlike most HA filler in Korea, the marketers share the common opinion that the application of DVS, which requires a significant level of bio-processing technology, as a bridge system, as well as refining technology that increases safety through a rarely patented micro-bead manufacturing method based on HA, could be felt vividly in the nature of the product itself.

Based on the strength of these products, Bioplus has already been recognized in overseas markets first under the names of its brands ‘Skin Plus Hyal’ and ‘Hyal Dew’ and composes more than 95 percent of its sales overseas. Recently, after being asked to enter the plant from abroad, the company is simultaneously pushing ahead with projects to set up production bases in Asia, as well as in the Middle East and Europe, the home of the filler.

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