[Press release] Bioplus-UROALL, urethral stenosis medical device research

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Published date: October 27, 2021

BioPlus announced on the 21st that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with UROALL on the joint development of a pair of medical devices for the drug “Interblock” to prevent urethral stenosis with a catheter that includes drug release functions.

CEO Jeong Hyun-kyu (left) of BioPlus and Professor Park Myung-chan (right) of Inje University Hospital.

UROALL, located in Gangso Special Zone in Gimhae, is a urology catheter development company founded by Professor Park Myung-chan of the Department of Urology at Inje University Haeundae Paik Hospital. It develops and sells a functional 3-way catheter for urethra installed in the bladder through the urethra to help urination after urology and surgery, or to protect the affected area and inject drugs.

To prevent, treat, and prevent recurrence of urethral stenosis, the two companies will develop a medical device consisting of a catheter capable of injecting drugs and an anti-adhesion interblock to prevent stenosis.

urethral stenosis, which narrows the urethra, frequently occurs in patients undergoing mild urethral surgery to treat urethra, prostate hypertrophy, bladder stones and bladder tumors.

In the event of urethral stenosis, a procedure to expand the stenosis area is performed and restored, but there is a problem that restenosis occurs in more than 80% of patients. Patients with restenosis not only lose their quality of life due to frequent procedures and urination disorders, but also spend a lot of money.

The two companies expect the development of medical devices to drastically reduce urethral stenosis and recurrence of it, which involve a lot of pain in patients.

An official from BioPlus said, “BioPlus’s interblock is permitted to be treated to prevent adhesion after spinal surgery, but we plan to expand our indications to the urology field through this joint study, and we will actively seek to expand the indications of interblocks in the future.”

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