[Press release] Co-development MOU with BioPlus, Noblegen, and Gachon University for virus treatments was signed

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Published date: December 23th, 2021

BioPlus (099430) announced on the 23rd that it has signed a “joint development agreement for viral disease treatments” with Kim Moon-il, a professor of nanobiology at Gachon University, and Kim Il-tae, a professor of chemical engineering.

The agreement aims to expand the existing agreement signed earlier by BioPlus and Noblegen to incorporate nano-sized biopolymer technology owned by Gachon University as the original technology.

The final goal is to develop treatments for various viral diseases such as COVID-19, AIDS, and hepatitis by increasing the stability of antiviral antibodies and developing optimized therapeutic formulations for each infection.

BioPlus, Noblesen, and Gachon University agreed to cooperate throughout the process, ranging from △ development of raw materials with antiviral activity and stabilization materials using nano-fired biomolecules △ development of formulations △ clinical and licensing △ production and sales.

Noblegen is in charge of developing key therapeutic agents for viruses, Gachon University develops nanolated biopolymer materials to be used as stabilizing materials for medicinal substances, and BioPlus plans to develop, clinical, licensing, production, and sales of therapeutic substances.

A company official said, “We expect that this joint development agreement will maximize mutual synergy to develop various viral disease treatments that can maintain stable drug effects. In particular, we will focus on developing customized treatments according to the cause of viral diseases.”

Noblegen is a biotechnology company that develops a wide range of virus infection treatments based on antibody technology, and recently unveiled NVG308, a therapeutic substance that is effective in both COVID-19 and influenza viruses, through patents and papers.

NVG308 is a mini-antibody that directly hydrolyzes the nucleic acid of the virus, which acts regardless of the geneticity of the virus, indicating a wide range of antiviral activities, and thus acts on strains or resistant viruses according to genetic modification.

Professor Kim Moon-il and Professor Kim Il-tae’s team are expected to contribute to the successful development of various viral disease treatments by providing a means to improve the stability of Noblegen’s antibody-based antiviral materials and dramatically increase the duration of drug efficacy.

“We will actively utilize the technology and infrastructure possessed by our company, Noblegen, and Gachon University to create optimal synergy, and we will focus on developing effective treatments for various viral diseases such as COVID-19 and HIV”, said Jeong Hyun-kyu, CEO of BioPlus.


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