[Press release] ‘MDM Filler’ has global competitive edge with differentiated technology

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[Press release] ‘MDM Filler’ has global competitive edge with differentiated technology

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A South Korean filler company has developed a hyaluronic filler product that uses differentiated manufacturing technology, and has been recognized for its technological competitiveness in South Korea as a new standard in the global market.

Bioplus (CEO Chung Hyun-kyu) recently announced that it succeeded in upgrading its product called ‘MDM filler’ by applying ‘high-end’ technology, which was patented in all of its major manufacturing processes such as bridging, material composition and refining process, to hyaluronic acid filler.

“High-end” technology is also called “MDM filler manufacturing technology” and is a generic term for three high-tech technologies that are applied to the entire manufacturing process of manufacturing HA filler.

Although Hyaluronic acid filler products have strengths in safety aspects, including human compatibility, and effective aspects that are immediately revealed, they have been continuously shunned by South Korean market. Market experts agree that most of these phenomena are the result of domestic hyaluronic filler products neglecting original technology development due to price competition.

On the other hand, certain foreign hyaluronic filler products are maintaining relatively high prices despite fierce price competition. These products are made of hyaluronic acid and have continued to integrate and manufacture their own differentiated technologies and put them on the global market, and have maintained their dominance through this strategy.

As a result, MDM filler is competing with technology that applies independent and differentiated manufacturing technology that can be compared to existing global filler manufacturers.

In addition, MDM filler is a result of a variety of technologies that have improved fundamental causes and maximized original advantages, such as frequent side effects, lack of ability to mold after treatment, and problems with poor persistence despite many advantages of filler based on hyaluronic acid.

A company official said, “Until now, we were envious of the manufacturing technology of advanced countries, but ‘MDM filler’ is an infinite pride as it has presented a new world standard beyond its imitation level.”

Meanwhile, Bioplus will release its own technology applied filler, which was previously recognized in the export market first, in the domestic filler market starting this year, and plans to secure additional MDM filler global production base in major regions such as Europe, China and Asia.

Reporter Jung Min-joon

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