[Press release] Patent application for Bioplus artificial breast and cartilage replacement, “Promoting clinical trials in the future”

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Published date: October 26, 2021

BioPlus is speeding up the development of bio-artificial breasts and artificial cartilage substitutes.

BioPlus announced on the 26th that it has applied for a patent by developing a biological breast replacement for breast reconstruction and cosmetic plastic surgery, and a biopolymer-based artificial cartilage replacement using its own hyaluronic acid (HA) technology.

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According to BioPlus, existing breast implants are rapidly being withdrawn from the market due to side effects such as spherical construction and anaplastic large cell lymphoma.

BioPlus explained that the newly developed biological breast replacement drug is made of biological polymers, which is harmless to the human body even when accidents such as side effects or damage occur.

The newly developed cartilage replacement was also developed to have strength, elasticity, and ductility to replace cartilage, making it suitable for patients suffering from degenerative joint disease.

As the number of patients with degenerative joint disease increases due to the recent increase in the aging population, drugs such as joint injections are widely used. However, joint injections have a short duration of less than six months, so they have to undergo frequent procedures.

An official from BioPlus said, “We will develop breast implants and cartilage replacement products through clinical trials in the future,” adding, “We will lead the market by replacing related products in the domestic and foreign markets.” [Business post reporter Lim Hansol]


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