[Press release] Ubiprotein and Bioplus are promoting joint development of next-generation improved obesity treatments

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Published date: September 24, 2021

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Ubiprotin (CEO Park Kwon-hee) announced that it will join hands with BioPlus (CEO Jung Hyun-kyu) to jointly research and development and commercialization of next-generation improved obesity treatments (diet treatments).

The two companies aim to develop Saxenda, an injection-type obesity treatment, in a one to two-week continuous formulation and release it as a biobetter (new biopharmaceutical improvement drug) that improves the convenience and efficacy of administration compared to existing products. Through this, the strategy is to set the stage for a new leap forward by entering the obesity treatment market in earnest.

A company official said, “We will create high synergy by combining Ubiprotin’s original technology excellence, R&D capabilities, and BioPlus’s bio-business competitiveness with excellent networks. We will maximize product marketability and lead the obesity treatment market in the future.”

Ubiprotein, along with BioPlus, plans to conduct a full-time clinical trial in 2022 regarding the next-generation improved obesity treatment and start clinical trials after applying for a clinical trial plan (IND) in 2023, and aims to release the new product after clinical completion by 2025.

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