[Press release] world pays attention to Bioplus ‘MDM Filler’ with global competitive edge

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[Press release] world pays attention to Bioplus 'MDM Filler' with global competitive edge

It is noteworthy that South Korean filler manufacturer Bioplus Co., Ltd. is competing with outstanding technology that can compete with strong players in existing global markets.

It is a hyaluronic filler product called ‘MDM filler’, which was developed by independent and superior manufacturing technology that is comparable to advanced products.

‘MDM filler’ has been successful in improving product applying ‘high-end’ technology, which is patented throughout the entire manufacturing process of bridging, material composition, and refining process, by compensating the shortcomings of hyaluronic acid raw material products such as viscosity stability persistence.

MDM filler manufacturing technology is a combination of three high-tech technologies applied to the entire manufacturing process of HA fillers: Micro Bed Monophysical Technology, Divinyl sulfone multi-croslink technology, and Multiple Degree amphiphilic Purification, which have been pointed out to enhance problems with hyaluronic filler.

MBMT (Micro Beard Monophysical Technology) is a manufacturing technology that microbializes HA gel in single-phase. This technology is a technology that aggregates fine beads to properly implement the filler’s original performance, as Bi-Physical products, which have been made for the convenience of practitioners rather than consumers, have actually been detrimental to long-lasting sustainability.

DMCT (Divinyl sulfone multi-crosslink technology) is a technology that uses DVS as a bridging agent, which has been superior to a more complete bridging agent but has been difficult to handle in places that do not have a high level of processing technology. It is also a technology that improves the problem of persistence and side effects caused by incomplete bridges because bridges are multiple.

MDAP (Multiple Degree Amplification) technology is a very important technology for securing product safety and is a technology that applies both hydrophilic and hydrophobic principles to enhance product purity to carry out refining processes of various concentrations. This technology ensures the safety of the original HA.

This makes it easy for people to see the difference even if the MDM filler uses hyaluronic acid as a raw material, the quality characteristics of the product are significantly different from those produced by conventional manufacturing methods.

Bioplus explained that despite the many advantages of filler, which mainly uses hyaluronic acid, it is the “MDM Filler” that combines various technologies that fundamentally improve the causes of frequent side effects, lack of molding ability and persistence after the procedure, and maximizes their original strengths.

In addition, the number of overseas users has been steadily increasing as they experienced the excellence of MDM filler products rather than domestic users. “It is recognized not only in Asia, but also in the Middle East and Europe, which is the home of the filler, and furthermore, requests are being made through technology exportation or joint production.” They added.

Bioplus is planning to prepare for full-scale entry into the domestic market and become a product that can be easily accessed in the domestic filler market during the first half of this year. In addition, it is planning to secure additional ‘MDM Filler’ global production bases in major regions such as Europe, China and Asia applying its core technology.

“So far we have been envious of technology of the advanced countries for manufacturing fillers. However now the ‘MDM Filler’ has been set as a world’s new standard beyond imitation level, and we are so proud of it,” said Bioplus’ chief technology officer, expressing strong confidence in the core technology of MDM.


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