[Press release]High tech ‘MDM Filler’ leads the global Market

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[Press release]High tech ‘MDM Filler’ leads the global Market

High tech ‘MDM Filler’ leads the global Market
BioPlus “Maximizes viscosity, safety, and sustainability… plans to enter into the domestic market in full scale in the first half of this year.”
Reporter Kim Hye-ran 2020.04.08 12:24:31

Amid the rapid growth of the filler market at home and abroad, “MDM filler,” which has improved the shortcomings of the existing hyaluronic acid filler and maximized its advantages, is gaining attention.

MDM filler is a group of hyaluronic acid filler products developed by Bioplus Co., Ltd. by applying its own and differentiated advanced manufacturing technology, which fundamentally improves the problem of lack of molding ability and low durability after surgery, which frequently appears in existing hyaluronic acid filler.

MDM Filler with Unique Advanced Technology

MDM filler manufacturing technology is a generic term for three high-tech technologies applied to the entire manufacturing process of manufacturing HA filler. It is a technology that has been successful in improving product applying ‘high-end’ technology, which is patented throughout the entire manufacturing process of bridging, material composition, and refining process, by compensating the shortcomings of hyaluronic acid raw material products such as viscosity safety and sustainability.

The excellence of the Bioplus MDM filler is already widely known in overseas markets. Product excellence was first demonstrated by overseas users rather than domestic users, and as a result, sales have continued to increase steadily. Along with Asia and the Middle East, Filler home Europe is also recognizing its popularity. It has been reported that there is a flood of requests for technology exports or joint production.

Bioplus is also ambitiously pushing to secure additional MDM filler global production bases that apply its core technologies in major regions such as Europe, China, and Asia. At the same time, Bioplus is also preparing to enter South Korean markets that it has been supplying on a limited basis. It is predicted that MDM filler will become a product that can be easily accessed in South Korean filler markets during first half of this year.

“So far we have been envious of technology of the advanced countries for manufacturing fillers. However now the ‘MDM Filler’ has been set as a world’s new standard beyond imitation level, and we are so proud of it,” said Bioplus CTO expressing big confidence in its products.


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